Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The next battle after gay marriage...gay parents

I think that it is pretty clear that gay marriage is going to continue to gain speed around America, so some very conservative think tanks have already started fighting the next battle. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children? It is an interesting question that has some ramifications, but the very clearly anti-homosexual Family Research Institute has come out with a study that shows, "over one-third of the child sexual abuse cases in the Illinois foster care system were same-sex incidents."

Shocking I suppose, but that is the point. If one reads further, the study becomes much weaker than its headline. The author of study, Dr. Paul Cameron, noted the study "did not track whether the abusive foster parents themselves were homosexuals" so the study is relatively pointless. It only points out the different types of abuse out there. Do we really need a study on this?

More importantly look how the desire to push a anti-homosexual political agenda has obscured the real issue.

"In this study, we found that 34 percent of the sexual molestations were homosexual. That's totally unacceptable," a spokesman for FRI said.

What? How about all sexual molestation is unacceptable! In an effort to demonize homosexuals this FRi group is coming out in favor of heterosexual sexual molestation!

Be on the lookout in the near future about how homosexuals will rape your children. Unfortunately it is probably coming. Guard yourself and learn the facts.