Monday, March 28, 2005

Ikea wardrobe

Ikea wardrobe
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Mrs. Expat Teacher and I get along very well. I dare say it is a match made in heaven. We rarely argue and never lose our tempers with each other, except in the case of putting together Ikea flat pack furniture.

This Easter Monday's (American and confused? See here for an explanation) exercise was to assemble this corner wardrobe and stock it. After working for an hour, I realized why I dislike Ikea furniture so much. It isn't that it is inexpensive or that it lasts a long time, it is that it might be the only thing that could ruin my wonderful marriage.

I don't understand how someone could be 28 and not know the difference between a machine screw and a wood screw. She wonders when I spent time in the navy because I certainly let loose the profanities like a sailor.

Anyway as you can see the job is finished. I swear I'm not buying any Ikea flat pack furniture anytime soon. I'm not sure our marriage could handle it.

Additional note: The BBC must agree with me. Tonight at 10:30-11:10 they are showing, "Ikea Drives Me Crazy". ahh....I feel validated now.