Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Never Again.-my ass!

The world mourned and pledged to never again “let another Auschwitz take place, as it remembered the victims of the Holocaust" last Thursday. 60 years ago the Nazi reign of terror over Auschwitz came to an end as the Red Army rolled in. Since then, holocaust victims and relatives have campaigned for lots of memorials and recognition of the horror of the gas chamber and the lie that "work shall make you free". Having visited a concentration camp and been to many Jewish memorials, I have a slight awareness of the horrors of the holocaust and know that they should never again be committed on God's Earth.

On the EXACT SAME DAY as the world leaders gathered at Auschwitz, Sudan was bombing its own citizens in Darfur. According to the Columbia Tribune,
the reported bombing comes a week after fighting in nearby districts in south Darfur killed about 100 people and caused more than 9,000 people to flee their homes, a U.N. spokesman said yesterday.
and yet "UN: Atrocities at Darfur Not Genocide"

We in the West have decided to never forget, but we've turned a blind eye to the ethnic cleansing in Darfur. Are we any smarter or improved as a society if we wait until an entire group of people is exterminated to do something. There are 6 million victims of the holocaust screaming that we have both forgotten and allowing this again. We do a disservice to those victims of the past and the present to continue to put up with this situation. Bush claims he stands for freedom, but does nothing. The UN was designed to avoid war, but doesn't do anything here. The Blair government claims they are pro-Africa, yet allow Sudan to bomb its own defenseless people. When will our actions finally speak as loud as our words?