Thursday, February 24, 2005

A few quick hits from around the web

Where does the day go? I found a few things around the net that may interest some of my readers.

  • Under the Acacias, a missionary-based blog from Burkina Faso, with updates about missionary efforts around the world with an emphasis on Africa. It is full of pictures and good insights into many issues affecting Europe and African interactions. Keith has outlined his Biblical advice for bloggers and it is very thoughtful and should be considered for as a guideline for any group of Christian bloggers.

  • Those interested in economic justice might be interested in this "Wal-mart tax" proposed in Montana because Wal-Mart pays its workers such low wages that they qualify for state welfare benefits subsidized by Montana taxpayers. Check the article for entire details, but it is an interesting proposal to help those that are getting Nickeled and Dimed.

  • This is an amazing Flash animation about the potential of Information and the Internet. It is 8 minutes long, but it traces the "history" of the Internet and information from 1994 through to 2014, when the New York Times goes offline. Give it a look.

  • Finally, this is why separation of Church and State is so important. "The government in India's western state of Rajasthan says it is to introduce a law banning religious conversion."