Friday, February 04, 2005

Advisors to the President

I sit here early Friday morning a little dazed that the Senate approved Alberto Gonzalez for Attorney General of the United States. I just don't understand. Sanctioning torture isn't a partisan issue. It is anti-American. Now the top law enforcer in America is a man who thought that anything up to long-term physical damage was acceptable treatment of prisoners.

Then I read that BBC is reporting Donald Rumsfeld twice offered to resign over Abu Ghraib and both times President Bush asked him to stay on. One can only draw one conclusion....President Bush also approves torture. I see no other option.

Al-Qaeda will never take down America's democracy, but fear can get America to dismantle its own democracy. If America is a Christian nation, or a light to the world, what does this say about us? Which countries currently living under tyranny are going to throw off their yoke, if the alternative is a democracy where torture is used and sanctioned?