Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The White House Response

After all the work that evangelicals did to return Bush to the White House, one might assume that Bush is going to advance their agenda (I don't see; second post on this blog). But if you held out hope, might I direct you to Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary's comments when a reporter asked, "And I have two religious questions, on gay marriage and other issues that are very important to the right wing. And I'm looking at this Washington Post article today about Evangelicals said they led the charge. Will you bring the Evangelical community more directly now involved? Will you have regular meetings with them, since they were so instrumental in the re-election?"

McClellan answered with, "I don't know what you define necessarily as that community, but the President reaches out to all Americans to get his agenda accomplished. And as you heard last week in his statement after Senator Kerry had called him, as well as in his news conference, he said he would continue to reach out to others to focus on our common priorities and get things done. This President is someone who is committed to getting things done. He's not here just to hold the office. He's focused on big priorities and really helping make things better for the American people."

Sounds pretty non-committal to me. Are the causes of Christ being advanced or are the causes of politicians being advanced?