Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where I'll be the next 4 days...

So either this blog will be hoppin' the next 4 days or I'll be totally absent. I'm not sure which will happen. Why is that?

Because I'll be at Netroots Nation! Formerly known as the YearlyKos, it has been rebranded and expanded this year.

Some the highlights will be:

  1. Opening keynote address by Howard Dean

  2. A Q&A with Speaker Pelosi

  3. Whatever happened to the religious left?

  4. Marketing and Monetizing your blog

  5. A personal meet and greet/Q&A with Jeff Merkley, senatorial candidate from Oregon

I'll be live-blogging (or at least leaving multiple updates) over at my work blog if you wanna swing over there. I leave in 12 hours, gotta get packing....