Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Second Thought

I just received this e-mail from Obama for America: “We have some big news we want to share with you. In the month of June, supporters like you helped raise $52 million. And together with the DNC, we now have nearly $72 million in the bank. That's a very strong financial position to be in. But we remain at a massive disadvantage to our opponents. As I mentioned in my video message earlier in the week, the McCain Campaign and the Republican National Committee finished June with nearly $100 million in the bank. We can't stop now. It's going to take everything we've got to defeat John McCain and his allies in November. Can you make a donation of $5 now to strengthen our movement for change? We can't do this without you. Thanks, David Plouffe - Campaign Manager”

So… if it is true that they “remain at a massive disadvantage” to their opponents, my question is: Do you think the Obama for America folks are regretting their decision to forego public campaign financing?