Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Dream Ticket" is a ticket to nowhere

Now that Senator Obama has officially won the Democratic nomination, Senator Clinton is open to the vice-presidency.

Obama/Clinton has been hailed as a "Dream Ticket", but in reality it would be a ticket to nowhere. Why?

Because Hillary Clinton adds nothing to the ticket and detracts from Senator Obama's message. Hillary Clinton is no John Edwards or Al Gore. She is a known figure with a long history in the Democratic Party. She has high negatives (which is why she isn't the nominee) and plenty of baggage over the last 20 years.

Obama is all about the "Change we can believe in" and Hillary Clinton brings no promise of change.

Obama has been hitting about all that's wrong with Washington. Clinton has been in DC since 1992 - 16 years!

Obama is all about having wise judgement and has based his assertion upon his opposition to the Iraq War. Clinton voted in favor of the war.

Obama is all about bringing in the new constituencies into the Democratic Party. Hillary is about rallying the same old troops.

Obama's message is what is working for him. He can't pick Hillary because it ruins his message. He must pick someone else. My suggestion is...

Roland Martin, John B. Judis and the commenters at MyDD all have additional reasons why Clinton is a bad choice for VP.

Any Page 132ers in favor of the Dream Ticket?