Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Favorite posts as writing samples

I'm applying for jobs like crazy now and one has popped-up on my radar that is really exciting. And I need your help! Here is the description:
Democratic Political Consulting Firm seeking Associate to work with President and small team on campaigns, national progressive organizations and labor relations. Will manage donor file, scheduling, write legislative and political briefings, work first hand with clients. Administrative duties, tracking contributions and client services, August Democratic convention schedule (selected applicant will go to convention). MUST be detailed and technically oriented, good writer, ability to multi-task and have some campaign* or hill experience. Entry level+ salary plus benefits. Immediate opening. Send cover letter, writing sample, resume and recommendations (all required for consideration)
Can you tell me your favorite blog posts (preferably ones that show good analysis or insight)? Include the title or the link in the margins.

I'd appreciate it greatly if you could spend 5 minutes in the archives to find one or two gems. Thanks in advance!