Thursday, February 28, 2008

Act to help DC get "Taxation without Representation" on their quarter

Warning: Page 132 could easily become DC quarter headquarters. I warned my wife that I could go militant about this issue. For some reason the rejection has really hit a raw nerve. The DCist has the most recent news on the quarter design.

Here are two things you can do to help get "Taxation Without Representation" on the DC quarter:
  1. Go over to this website and send an e-mail to the US Mint expressing your desire to have the design reconsidered
  2. Call the Mint at 202-354-7227 and ask for a detailed explanation of the quarter design rejection. Also, request the design be reconsidered.

Here are what I did today to get "Taxation without Representation" on our quarter.

I talked the Office of the Secretary today and they hadn't yet submitted a revised design. In fact, they were fully supportive of my plea to resubmit the "Taxation without Representation" design. Could you encourage them by calling the Office of the Secretary - (202) 727-6306 and ask them to resubmit the "Taxation without Representation" design?

After talking with the Office of the Secretary, I called the Mint Press Office - (202) 354-7227 - to ask about how the process for deciding how the "Taxation without Representation" was judged controversial. I wasn't given a straight answer. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the spokesman and he wasn't able to tell me what the internal processes were for deciding that "Taxation without Representation" was controversial or who ultimately made the decision.

While noting the irony, the Mint press spokesman said that in order to change the criteria, it would take an act of Congress. So I called Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton - 202 225-8050 - asking her to introduce a non-binding resolution asking the Mint to reconsider. The staffer said, "I'll take this to the Congresswoman." and that was as far as I got. Could you contact your Representative (Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121) and ask them to introduce or support legislation asking the Mint to reconsider. Even tell them to contact Congresswoman Norton to help cosponsor.