Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Hypocrisy Just Never Ends!

Now, it's the President of Argentina angry at the Bushites.

U.S. prosecutors (in a Miami court hearing for a criminal complaint against four men arrested and charged with being illegal Venezuelan agents who attempted a cover-up)
said a suitcase filled with nearly $800,000 was a campaign contribution to Cristina Fernandez, who was inaugurated this week as Argentina's first popularly elected female president. They said recorded conversations of those involved indicate the scheme reached to the highest levels of the Venezuelan government...

"This president may be a woman but she's not going to allow herself to be pressured," said Fernandez, alluding to the scandal. She called it an example of "garbage in international politics."

She also took a jab at U.S. officials, complaining that "more than friendly nations, they want countries... subordinated" to them. In Washington, the State Department declined to comment on the specifics of the case, but said it had been aware of the investigation and renewed U.S. concerns about alleged attempts by the Hugo Chavez government to meddle in other Latin American countries."

When Venezula "meddles" in the affairs of other Latin American countries, the US accuses those in dialog with them of sordid activities - BUT, when the US meddles in the affairs of other Latin American countries - anything goes!

01.20.09 just can't come soon enough!