Sunday, November 25, 2007

What exactly does front runner mean?

"Our definition of success doesn't necessarily mean coming in first." explains Clinton spokesman Mark Daley. "As long as we have a strong showing on caucus night." And he said Obama has certain advantages. "We're running against a guy from a neighboring state who shares media markets with the state."

-- Clinton spokesman Mark Daley, quoted by the Chicago Sun Times, already playing the expectations game in Iowa.

I don't know much, but don't claim at a debate that you are winning and then say that success isn't coming in first. Is this similar reasoning for Hillary's poor judgement on the Health Care Debacle of 1994 and/or her vote on the Iraq War resolution and the Iranian guards resolution?

Hillary has run on the idea that she is a pseudo-incumbent and that she is unstoppable. To be defeated in Iowa, especially if she doesn't even get 1/3 of the vote, punctures a real hole in her balloon. She is the most electable, but can't win over Mid-America? How will that work in a general election?

I'm still concerned that Democrats will nominate Hillary, but at least the latest ABC poll shows that Democrats are reconsidering putting the only polarizing and status quo candidate forward to a country that wants unity and change.

Updated: I've included the entire quote since gurufrisbee felt the first line was pulled out of context. I disagree, but I've put it all out there for readers to decide.