Sunday, November 18, 2007

I've got everything

Some people hate liberals. Some conservatives. Others homosexuals.
Still another minority, blacks. Maybe an equal number hate whites.
Hatred for Arabs, Jews and Mexicans is frequently in the news.

Not me. I'm not bothered by any of those groups. I hate stinky people.
Nothing is more repugnant than smelling stale cigarette or beer or
piss or all three on someone.

Today my small group volunteered at our church banquet for our
homeless community. I went due to peer pressure. I knew the room would
be full of stinky people!

My job was to be a waiter.. To cut through the crowd and bring piping
hot turkey dinner and pumpkin pie to whomever of our 75 guests still
had room.

After about 30 minutes, Pastor Joel stood up and shared a bit of the
Gospel message. Then he asked for folks to share what they were
thankful for. After a few speakers, one man stood up and said,"I'm
thankful I live on the streets. Last year at this time I was

And then he sat down.

At that moment there was no sweeter incense in the throne room of
Heaven then that man's praise.

My concerns about curtains, job satisfaction and being a litle tubby
snapped immediately into perspective.

With 2 sentences that man wiped away my ignorance about stinky people.
Here was a person that stunk. A man with feelings, mistakes and
thankfulness. His stink would be only temporary.

Praise God for stinky people.