Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some T-shirts that are so close, but so far

On my walk home every day through Union Station, I walk past a sports apparel store. It has all the hometown teams. During the Redskins' season, I could have bought any number of jersey's of our 'stars'. During the Georgetown run in the NCAA tournament, the store was decked out in Hoya blue and grey. However, it is baseball season and if you aren't familiar with the world's team, then you should know that the Nationals are expected to finish last and possibly challenge baseball history for the worst record ever.

whosonfirst.JPGTherefore, the apparel store is a little short on jerseys and other accessories that it can hawk during this dry sports time (both the Wizards and Capitals have flamed out of their respective post-seasons). It has a nice display in the window of 3 shirts wrapped around boxes to make the backs visible. Sorry about the quality of the picture, but you can see that WHO is 1, WHAT is 2, and IDON'TKNOW is 3. Of course, this is an allusion to the very famous "Who is on first?" by Abbott and Costello.

I thought it was pretty ingenious, but it is obvious that the shirts were not designed by a baseball lover. You see, if WHO was on first, his position number is 3, not 1. Likewise, WHAT is 4, and IDON'TKNOW is 5. I feel like I should tell the girls inside the shop, but I'm pretty sure they don't care, so I'll just grin and bear for the 2 seconds it takes for me to zip past.