Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Where is the Right(eous) indignation?

Back when President Bush was filling the Supreme Court with his nominees, many conservatives and Republicans were calling for a simple "up or down" vote on the nominees. They argued that the 60 votes needed to get cloture on the debate was either unconstitutional and/or unethical. Somehow this vote that required a near super-majority was robbing the people of a voice in government and held the majority to the will of minority.

Yet this Saturday, when the Senate was debating a non-binding resolution against the Iraq surge, the Republicans successfully utilized the cloture vote to stop a simple up or down vote.

So where are the cries of hypocrisy? Where are the conservative and Republican bloggers/pundits/talking heads screaming about the right of the majority to rule? Oh wait, they are silent. Is anyone surprised?