Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowday Article Round-Up

Oh, the joys of an unexpected day off. :-) What's a guy to do? How about read 3500+ headlines and distill them for the folks here at Page 132.

So while the Sunday Article Round-Up is down for Blogger maintenance, you can have a mid-week installment of a SNOWDAY Article Round-Up:

International News and Politics
Some backstory on the Las Vegas of the Middle East - Dubai

US cancels Liberia's $391m debt. Considering the annual wage in Liberia is $120, you can imagine they never would have been able to pay that off. Maybe now they can invest in education rather than paying off that money.

Governments should govern. Not clean up the environment by themselves. Someone should tell the Chinese that - Why is a barren Chinese mountain being painted green? How did this happen?

Maybe that is because China is suffering a severe brain drain. Why would anyone who has lived under a free government want to return to repressive communist regime?

Pickled Politics has a wonderful article about Feminism and Islam. Apparently they aren't contradictory. Go read it.

Although he has slipped a little in my eyes, Tony Blair is still the best politician of the 21st century. Yesterday, he called for a post-Kyoto treaty since it is obvious that America is now ready to get serious about dramatic climate change.

American News and Politics
TalkingPointsMemo has a very extensive post on the bamboozlement that is the pretense for attacking Iran. MUST READ

Kansas rejoins the 20th century and reinstates evolution in the science curriculum.

Considering all the attention that No Child Left Behind has focused on teacher quality, the USA today asks, "What makes a teacher 'effective'?"

Clearly channeling me, the DLC points out that Lou Dobbs is wrong, but the concerns about globalization are real

Can Mike Huckabee beat the big guys? I'd say he is the only chance Republicans have of winning the White House in 2008.

In a recent poll (grain of salt adage), McCain slips; Giuliani gains luster.

Armed Liberal has One Thing I Like About Obama and I agree.

Burdened by healthcare costs, US businesses seek a shift - Experts say the nation will probably migrate toward hybrid solutions that blend government, employer, and individual responsibilities. Sounds about right to me.

Calif. Senate votes to move up primary, looks to enhance state's role. This is very concerning. We almost have a national primary on February 6th. Not good for the small candidates. The NewDonkey has the goods.

If you haven't heard about Amazing Grace, you should watch the Amazing Grace trailer

Brian McClaren gives Barack Obama some advice for his 2008 presidential campaign.

The Internet Monk saves C.S. Lewis from charges that he was a boilerplate liberal. He wasn't and Internet Monk shows that.

Also, the Internet Monk answers 10 questions about the Bible and he disregards the term inerrancy. He explains why in a second post.

I Am A Christian Too highlights the important blogosphere discussion between Cahtolic Andrew Sullivan and Atheist Sam Harris.

Pastor Mark has a very funny list of ways to maintain a healthy level of insanity.

Peter Gammons can't wait for spring. Neither can I. The start of the only sport that really matters is always filled with high hopes and high expectations.

In a weird case, a substitute teacher is on trial for showing internet porn to her students. She could get up to 40 years, but she didn't appear to do anything malicious. The pop-ups came on the screen while kids were on the computer. Go check it out and hope you never substitute.

Which Lost character are you? I'm Hurley.

Staff at Paris's Louvre museum have gone on strike, demanding a bonus for the stress of looking after the Mona Lisa and other popular masterpieces.

And for Valentine's Day - The 5,000 year old hug.