Thursday, February 22, 2007

Update on Mrs. TheOldMan

After seeing a doctor (of one kind or another) more than once a week for most of last year it was a real test of faith for Susan to go without an appointment for the past three months.

I accompanied her to her check up late this afternoon with her Oncologist. Susan had a full schedule of lab work and a CAT scan done last week. Her Oncologist told us today that the "completeness" of her remission is even more thorough, and her lab results are even better, than they were in late November.

At the latest untreated stage of her battle with lung cancer last summer her "cancer marker" was reading at over 300. I'm not sure what "300" means, but in November the reading was 8 and today it is 6. There are no signs of any cancerous activity anywhere, whatsoever.

She is still taking her Tarceva receptor-blocker pill daily and enduring a moderate bout of diaharrea each day and coping with a bit of a persistent cough. These are the two most common side effects of Tarceva. She is going to try some steriods for a week to see if they will help with the cough. But, 98% of the appointment dealt with discussion of these digestive and respiratory challenges - which tells you just how far off the table any discussion of cancer is at this point in her amazing journey!

We continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude for God's goodness, brilliant medical care, and wonderful friends and family. Thanks for your continuing prayers. Your faithful reporter,