Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Electorate is Waking Up

AP - GOP Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio, one of the more vulnerable Republicans, is a case study in the sometimes tricky dynamics of a president's assistance.

Bush is raising money for DeWine on Monday at a private home in Cincinnati. It is the third time the president will have helped the senator, to the tune of about a $1 million each time. No other candidate has rated as many appearances from Bush, and all have happened out of public view.
Earlier in the year, there was so much discussion of why DeWine was snubbing the president whenever he traveled to Ohio that the senator eschewed his family's baseball seats to take in the Cincinnati Reds' home opener at Bush's side.

A photo of the two was taken at the airport in June when Bush last traveled to Ohio for a closed DeWine fundraiser. It is the primary image of an anti-DeWine ad by the Senate Democrats' campaign committee. Above the picture of the two, smiling with arms around each others' shoulders, the ad says: "Mike DeWine likes working together ... with George Bush."