Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Article Round-Up

I'm back in my routine and have noted some stories you may have missed. Let's get started...

Current Events

Ivorians rampage over toxic waste from oil sludge.

According to UN sources, Darfur toll 'at least 200,000'. Hopefully the focus on Darfur days around the world will put greater pressure on Sudan to stop the genocide.

Good news! Record area cleared of landmines and next year, barring a cut in funding, should be another record year!

In what is only the stupidest political move of the week, the Mexican left creates 'parallel gov't'.

Welcome to modernity. Dubai's ruler accused of slavery.

Iraq is still chaos. Dozens of bodies found in Baghdad and Many dead in northern Iraq blasts.

Something you don't want to read. The Hanford Nuclear Clean up nears $100 Billion. This is probably my biggest argument against nuclear energy. We have no idea what to do with the waste and it is always costly to clean up and store.

US to cut funds for two renewable energy sources because the Republican congress is owned by Big Oil. Shortsighted fools.

Off Oregon's coast, researchers hope to pump electricity from surf to turf, so all is not lost.


Bill Richardson is "America's Go-To Guy" according to

Also, the next president of the United States, Bill Richardson, is sponsoring MyDD's Governor Forecast so you can track how Democrats and Republicans will do in the 2006 governor races. MyDD is predicting a 28-22 spread for Democrats.

Power corrupts. Rep. Ney Admits Selling Influence. Who will be next in the corrupt Republican congress?


Germans reconsider religion after being challenged by the Pope. I'm not holding my breathe, but that is a good sign.

One preacher's message: Have hotter sex! PREACH IT BROTHER! Lets have more of this in the churches. BTW- this guy is backed by the heavy hitters from the religious right and he advocates lots of risque acts, even for the secular world.

Brian McLaren reflects on is recent trip to the DR with "What would happen if more of us saw our faith communities—churches, small groups, circles of friends, monastic communities, mission teams, whatever—as nodes in an unterror network that was constantly plotting goodness and hope?"


Say it ain't so! Sven-Goran Eriksson is being considered as a replacement for Bruce Arena as coach of the United States. Why? Why? Why? Doesn't USSF know that former German coach, Jurgen Klinsmann is living in California?

In an intense rivalry, Chelsea beat Liverpool 1-0 leaving them only 1 point adrift from the top of the tables.

For fun, you can check out the NFL Draft do-over after week 1. Reggie Bush certainly goes to Texas this time around.


Here is a list of Wierd scholarships. My favorite is the NRA one.

Here is a list of Top myths about getting into college. Did you know that volunteering lots of hours doesn't help?

Ahoy matey! Tuesday, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Look for a blog post all in pirate that day.

Just so you are aware of the greatest technology company's plans. Here is How Apple plans to own your living room.

Microsoft has released an iPod look-alike. The reviews are that the Zune: no iPod killer

So what do you think? Anything strike you as especially interesting? What did I miss?

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