Sunday, May 14, 2006

Shed a tear for The West Wing

Tonight is the last ever episode of The West Wing. It is on at 8 p.m. EST on NBC. I'll be bittorrenting it tomorrow and watching the last episode on Monday night with tears in my eyes. It is amazing how a television show can become part of one's life. I'm going to miss my weekly hit of liberal fantasyland politics. Reality is just too depressing...

The West Wing News blog has everything you'd ever want to know about The West Wing and then some. This guy has been doing Fourteen Days of West Wing to recount his favorite parts.

Consider this an open thread to discuss your favorite moments in the series. How bad was season 5? Did you like the results of the election to replace Bartlett? Who is your favorite character? (warning: the thread may contain spoiler information)

Update: Possibly the only time in my life I will say this...The Media Research Center has done a valuable service to others. They have put together 'Top Ten Left Wing Scenes on NBC's The West Wing' complete with video and transcripts. Their editorializing and ranting is stupid and childish, but the clips are truly music to my eyes and ears...