Sunday, April 30, 2006

First 24 hours in DC

So Mrs. Expat Teacher and I have been in DC for about 24 hours now and we've already seen and done a lot. Below is a partial list of our thoughts so far:
  • DC feels much smaller than London. Less people, smaller buildings, slower pedestrian pace. It should though. London has 8 million people. DC metro area has about 3 1/2 million.
  • DC is extremely green. Lots of trees and parks. Also, the English influence on gardens is striking. Lots of gorgeous front gardens.
  • The architecture is striking. Many different styles, but always done well.
  • Barracks Row on Capitol Hill is a fun place.
  • My new school is gorgeous! Lots of space and a wonderful combination of a late 19th century estate and modern facilties. They have a baseball diamond!
  • We are back in the States. Everyone eaves drops on our conversation, but they are very friendly. Everything is bigger. The people, the cars, the portion sizes.
  • The Mall is shorter than I thought. The Capitol to the White House is only 14 blocks.
  • The no eating on the Metro works. The trains are very clean.

That's all for now. Now off to see more sights and go to church.