Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We all react differently, don't we?

On early Saturday morning
a man in the Capital hill area of Seattle returned to a rave party he had been at earlier and shot and killed six people there and then killed himself.

It's a shocking and tragic scene. It's been the headline story here in the Seattle area all week long. And last night there was a memorial service held at the house where the tragedy occurred.
I heard about the service on the TV news yesterday morning. So I found it surprising when I was listening to the local Republican talk radio station KVI
and the host claimed it hadn't been reported by any news sources at all. I was about to write it off as more ridiculous claiming of media bias (which happens all the time on that station), but I kept listening. The supposed lack of media coverage wasn't really his beef. His problem was that the service would include prayer for the six victims - and the shooter. He repeated that same phrase over and over, each time with a long, dramatic pause before he added the "and the shooter". It was like who couldn't even comprehend praying for that man. It was essentially offensive to the radio host to even suggest such an idea.

Is he right? Do only the victims deserve prayer now? Or do they at least deserve to get it separate from the one who victimized them?