Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Article round-up

In all the kerfluffel surrounding Dick Cheney's poor marksmanship, there may have been a few things that slipped under the radar this week. Let us begin...


Let's start with the obvious, You can entertain yourself with hours with a new game, "Hunt like Dick"; sorry no "Drive like Ted" game to be found.

In what may be the strangest headline I've ever seen, Cheney's shooting victim apologizes.

Congressional Probe of NSA Spying Is in Doubt, so President Bush will still have the power to spy on all my phone conversations home. I've decided to use smoke signals to communicate any really private information.

For real political whores, the Washington Post has an interactive map of key 2006 races.

Scholars Rate Worst Presidential Errors. Usual punching bag Buchanan comes out on top because he didn't do enough to oppose efforts by Southern states to secede from the Union before the Civil War.

The DLC is Defending Pluralism and Free Speech surrounding Cartoon-gate.

Timothy B. Smith's analysis of "Old Europe" economies is spot on. Rarely do I link and certainly don't endorse stuff from the CATO institute, but they are correct on this one.

In a real boost for democracy, Israel to impose Hamas sanctions.

Mickey Kaus wants a return to normalcy as the Dems 2006 campaign theme. Interesting, but not a winner. JIF is better.

Only 5 years too late, but the Bush Administration has A bid to foment democracy in Iran.

hilzoy rejects President Bush's HSAs with a A Call To Greatness! The whole thing is a fabulous read, but the best line is "This, then, is the inspiring vision to which our President calls us: to expand the liberties our forefathers gave us beyond freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press, to one of the noblest freedoms of all: the freedom to confront medical bills alone, in fear and trembling, without the false comfort of medical insurance, with only our own wits standing between us and personal bankruptcy.

The New Donkey highlights movement on Darfur.

The Bull Moose highlights a Democratic initiative to reduce abortions. The 95/10 plan is better than anything the Republicans have ever put forward on abortion.


In the "too little, too late" column, we learn that Pat Robertson has been chastised by other Christians for his outlandish remarks.

On a topic of unhealthy interest on Page 132, 'Dodos' film pecks holes in evolution debate. The director tries to show both sides of the debate, but he doesn't pull any punches. He shows evolutionists playing poker and sounding like hateful morons. He shows examples of extraordinarily unintelligent design, like the fact that rabbits have to eat their own feces to absorb enough nutrients from food. Interested? See the trailer.

In a very concise and respectful discussion, we are treated to Jesus and Homosexuality: The End. The issue I struggle with the most is "it can be argued that the Bible does not directly address what for some is the pressing issue today: fidelity to another of the same sex."


In the most important news story of the week, Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.

Giving NBA dreams to all sub-six footers, a Short man wins dunk contest and tall man shoots 3s.


In a long, but interesting article about the power of the internet, we can learn about The Click That Broke a Government's Grip, sorta.

A group has decided that the world needs a recognized Seven Wonders of the World list. The "New Seven" wonders list narrowed; now it's up to the world to choose. See the 21 and vote here.