Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fun with camera phones - Selfridge's edition

I have £130 worth of gift certificates to Selfridges, the coolest store in London. To many people, Harrod's is the stuff, but they are missing out. Selfridges is the best store in London. It takes up an entire city block, has all the poshest name brands and is just a delight to wander around. The only major downside is that everything is VERY expensive. I ended up buying nothing except two Krispy Kreme donuts (at £1.10/$1.90 each). Today I've got 5 photos from my shopping trip yesterday.

fishcounter This is the fish counter at Selfridges. Fresh fish posing for you to take them home.
Large bottles of liqueurs from which you can fill your own bottle. Like going to an alcoholic gas station. ;-)liqueur

For my American readers, you will be amazed at the prices you can get for American imports. Homesickness can be VERY expensive.

syrupA 24 oz bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup for £6.50 ($11.50)
A bag of Oreos for £6.99 ($12).oreos
luckycharmsA box of Lucky Charms for £6.99 ($12).