Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sunday Article round-up

Expat Teacher was home sick two days this week and had plenty of time to surf. Therefore, this Sunday's article round-up is especially long. To make it easier, I've categorized the offerings.

This Week in Washington

A compromise on the Patriot Act Clears the Way for a Senate Vote.

3 More Republicans are tied to Abramoff

Proving, again, that conclusions are created prior to any evidence in the White House, Cheney Says New Unit Will Prove Tax Cuts Boost Revenue, even before the Bush administration's new tax analysis shop has even opened for business.

Telegraphing their 2006 strategy, the GOP chief plans to show Democrats as weak and bypass the MSM by using blogs. Why bother with those pesky editors and fact-checkers?

Will the Democrats nominate a grammy award winning 2008 ticket?

The Fix wonders if Dems can pick up 6 Senators in 2006.

The Bull Moose claims the Republicans lack definition.

Although not technically in Washington, Gaddafi's son backs Bush on reform. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

The Washington Monthly points out that although Bush talks tough about terrorism, the budget shows the future of National Security and it has little to do with defeating terrorism.

Afraid your civil liberties are disappearing? According to the Police blotter: Patriot Act e-mail spying approved.

Finally, we learned that a Malaysian recruited by al-Qaida to become a pilot for a second wave of Sept. 11-style attacks on the United States pulled out of the plan after he witnessed the carnage of the first assaults

Republican-Proposed Federal Budget

Hitting lower and middle income earners especially, the proposed budget will be Cutting Student Loans.

Defying basic arithmetic, The Bush Budget: It Doesn't Add Up

So what are we doing about our oil addiction? Don't look to Washington, because there are Energy Gaps in the budget.

For a sneak preview of the next President of the United State, watch Governor Richardson's take on Bush's budget. (9 min and Quicktime required)

Danish Cartoon Controversy

Things are getting dark when, a moderate voice worries.

About 4,000 Muslims rallied peacefully in London on Saturday against the cartoons.

Concerned this might look like appeasement, there will be no quarter from the Moose.

Abu Aardvark talks about what he calls the StupidStorm. He offers a summary of 3 ways the cartoons are being discussed in the Arab media. Finally, Abu Aardvark argues this is not a clash of civilizations, but a sign of the power of extremists to highjack the media. I tend to agree. You didn't hear about the 4,000 peaceful protestors in London, but you heard about the 150 that surrounded the EU office in Gaza.

Christians and The Environment

Keith at Voice in the Desert looks at Global Warming and God.

The good news is there is a New Climate Initiative: Evangelical Conservatives and Moderates Break Ranks with Extremists.

The bad news is Evangelicals Will Not Take Stand on Global Warming, showing that Dobson et al are just shills for the Bush administration.


I Am a Christian, too looks at HealthCare Pt 2: A Flawed System.

Discovery challenges belief that Valley of the Kings is empty. I've stood only meters from this tomb...

Sadly, Katrina Death Toll May Never Be Known. But 1,300 are confirmed dead.

Italy judge throws out Jesus case. I guess we'll never know if there is a legal case for the existence Jesus. Not that it matters to me.

I'm not sure if this is shock-journalism or a real phenomenon. Decide for yourself. Teen Girls Tell Their Stories of Sex Trafficking and Exploitation in U.S.

In the U.K., Christians are learning to use the victim card, too. Christians 'are being ignored' as ministers court other faiths.

Unfortunately, Loveable Jeeves to hit unemployment line.

In a testimony to America's credit card culture, the 2005 trade deficit hits record of $725.8 billion.

If you view nothing else, go look at these Incredible Photos.

So what article interested you the most? What gives you the most visceral reaction? What article did I miss?