Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Prayer Blogging

Well, Hefe Week 2006 is coming to a close, which is probably good because it takes up more of my time than I should be giving, and Expat is going to get the nervous shakes if he doesn't start blogging again soon. I will hopefully get one more post in by the end of the day, or at latest tomorrow. But for now, let us reflect on the week with the Prayer Blog.

First some praises:

Today, I praise God for the gift of free speech I have enjoyed which countless millions around the world do not. I am grateful for the chance to speak, and that others have the chance to strongly disagree with me (OK, even PT). I believe we grow this way, when faced with something outside of ourselves.

I praise God for making such a wonderfully complex world. Forgetting the ID/Evolution debate, this universe we live in is amazing. We could study it to the end of the world (but how far away is that?) and probably never discover everything about it. God is a whole lot smarter than us, and will keep us busy for a long time exploring, discovering, and hopefully praising.

I am eternally thankful to Jesus, for redeeming me, and satisfying God's wrath against me in his death. Sometime we just got to get back to the basics and remember the most important things that can get lost in the shuffle, no?

And now some requests:

In international news, I would like to pray for Prime Minister Sharon. I had dinner at my mom's house last night, and she invited over our neighbor - the sweetest lady who is a prayer WARRIOR. She said she has been praying for his healing, but also that he would have an encounter with Jesus while in the hospital and come out a messianic jew. It caught me off guard, but what a wonderfully bold prayer. Can we all pray that?

Secondly, she mentioned that there is only one city that is mentioned by name in the Bible that we are to pray for. Jerusalem. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Seems fitting.

Closer to home, pray for Alito and his family. Regardless of what you think of the man and whether he should be on the Supreme Court, things have gotten a little offsides when the man's wife leaves in tears.

And on a personal note, my grandfather had surgery yesterday to have his prostate, bladder, colon, and lymph nodes removed due to cancer. Pray that thet got it all, and that he can adjust well to the life changes this will mean. The whole process (including some funky drugs) really altered his personality for a while, and let's just say my grandmother got hurt emotionally. Pay for her as well, anf that she can be healed of the hurt and forgive.

Feel free to add praises and prayers in the comments as always.

Let us pray...