Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bush's withdrawal plan and bombing civilians

I'm glad to see that President Bush has a plan for declaring victory and getting out of Iraq. (It looks strangely like John Kerry's plan from October). Unfortunately the incompetence in the White House and Secretary of Defense office has left America with no good options. I suppose the "Americans will stand down as Iraqis stand up" is the best of all the bad options.

Yet, I have a major concern. Americans will continue to support Iraqis with logistical and air support. That means Iraqi commanders will be calling in air strikes. Considering the well documented sectarian strife and score settling, does America really want to give that kind of power to the newly-formed Iraqi army? What happens when Ahmed Chalabi says, "Flatten that village. It is home to the terrorists." Our bombs are extremely accurate and deadly. Are we ready for the Al-Jazeera footage of a flattened school and tens of children's bodies lying bloodied and lifeless in the streets?

It won't be Iraqi commander Ibrahim Al-Baghdad (what is the Arabic form of John Doe?) being held responsible. It will be the Americans.

Do I have a better proposal? No, but I've got plenty of concerns.