Thursday, December 01, 2005

Evidence of an intelligent designer?

Please indulge me a little meta-blogging about Page 132.

I belong to the TLLB ecosystem. It tracks part of the blogosphere and does so in an evolutionary order from "Higher Beings" to "Insignificant Microbes". Blogs move up (or down) the evolutionary chain based on the number of inbound links. It has been recently revamped and Page 132 fell from a "Slithering Reptile" to "Multicellular Microorganisms". Heck of a devolution. I'm a little disappointed. What to do?

A friend of mine suggested a little blogwhoring, but I think we'll just keep doing what we've always done. Write about stuff we care about and hope others care, too. We have earned our links the hard way, by having people add Page 132 to their blogrolls. We don't belong to any groups that automatically display Page 132 on all member sites and therefore earn cheap inbound links. If you find us on another blog it is because that blogger likes us.

But on the flipside, Page 132 is now averaging 50+ hits a unique hits a day. That moves our average up 10 unique hits in November alone. Not bad. I hope you are enjoying what we have on offer. Feel free to comment. No comment too strange or off-topic!

Finally, doing a vanity Google search brought this to my attention. Semicolon nominated Page 132 for best liberal blog. I can honestly say that we are just honored to be nominated. ;-)