Monday, November 28, 2005

A Trip Home

A week ago my family went back to my home town for my great aunt's memorial service. We stayed the week and enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family. My aunt was a member of a church that has a very different faith tradition than that of my own. For example, they actually use wine for communion, which is served at the alter - and evidently you're supposed to wait for the Father to take the bread from your hand and dip it in the wine so you don't have to drink from the cup itself, which my mom, grandma and I found out the hard way! Oh, and they have an organ. A very loud organ! It's fairly liturgical and eight years ago, I would have been completely against such a place. But I kind of like it - not in an every week way, mind you. There's something beautiful about it, something timeless.
Anyway, they have some other things going on at this church that I thought were pretty cool like AA meetings and PFLAG meetings - which would never happen at my church, I think.
It looked like there was some sort of discussion on the nature of the Bible taking place in a fellowship hall. There was a chart titled, "Spectrum of Possibilities" with these columns: infallible interpretation, Critical interpretation, Transforming Story, Bible as literature. The wording isn't right on most of these, so that doesn't help, and there was one other column in the middle. So what do you think? Where does the Bible fit? Or does it fit into different columns? What made you decide where to place it, or how do you decide when it goes into one category versus another?