Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Article round-up

Another Sunday and more articles worthy of blogging attention, but no spare time. Organized completely at random, we have...

Want a headstart on Friday's shop-till-you-drop specials?

For another week running, tens of thousands of demonstrators have protested in the Azeri capital, Baku, against the results and conduct of the 6 November parliamentary election.

In Iowa, they are having a "Fatherhood conference". The group and the event seek "to raise awareness on how important the father's role in parenting is." Expat thinks this is a very good idea.

The Guardian has 4 depressing interviews with Gitmo detainees.

Aerin, a pastor's wife over at Tale of a Pink Money has this - What I've Learned from Fundagelicals I Know... A Partial List.

Chad over at Eternal Revolution might have been channeling our own MoLak-Jedi with this post. "Understand I’m not advocating that followers of Christ should withdraw from politics entirely. I think being politically informed and active is very important. But you won’t hear me talking about politics here anytime soon because that would be a diversion from the real, core issue. We need to get spiritualized - learn to love Christ and truly appreciate the blessing and grace of God - and the rest will flow from there."

Via Tim Challies - With tens of thousands of new blogs beginning every day, it is rare that one comes along that is very different from the rest. Purgatorio is different. Very different. Short on text but long on photo essays, this site is a fascinating glimpse into the trends and fads within Evangelicalism (and occasionally beyond).

Thinking Christian is investigating does God destroy nations?

While waiting for the most anticipated post in Page 132 history, I've had to tied myself over with these Intelligent Design themed articles.
Slate deals with a fundamental philosophical flaw of ID by asking this question,Is the intelligent designer loving or vindictive?
Over at Beliefnet they've posted, Tony Campolo's stages of creation. The article shows how evolution, ID and strict creationism all fall short of the perfect answer.
Again showing you can be socially and theologically conservative without checking your brain at the door, the top Vatican scientist rejects ID.
The Democratic Leadership Council has a Radical idea: Respect science.

While it is far from a unifying message or a strong statement on values, it is good to see that Democrats have innovation agenda to help ensure America's dominance in the IT and communication industry for the next 20 years.

The Saudis are criticized for punishment of teacher who criticized Islam.
While it surprises no one, we now have clear proof that Iran has a horrible human rights record.
Interested in how democracy is marching through the Middle East? Check out the Middle East freedom Index.

Big news for international travelers, because US and Europe have agreed to Open Skies between Europe and America. Under Friday's deal, US airlines will be free to fly both to airports in the European Union and from there to third destinations, if approved by the US and the 25 EU members.

The "compassionate-conservative" Republican controlled House passed a broad five-year budget plan that squeezes programs for the poor, for college students and for farmers.

Tony Blair writes an editorial in the Guardian defending his modernizing plan for British schools. Great read if you care about schooling at all!

Michael Kinsley explains why there is no real abotion debate in American politics.