Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'll pay $10/gallon to stop getting e-mails like this

A former colleague and friend of mine has taken a job teaching in Saudi Arabia. I think she is nuts, but the life of an expatriate teacher is very tempting. Today she sent an e-mail about her arrival in Saudi Arabia and settling in. One section grabbed me and made my stomach turn.

When we arrived at the airport, the guard took my passport and told me to sit down in a row with other women, while Mark went through and had to get the school personnel to come back in and "claim me"- since I am Mark's "property" That was a little scary, but I was with two other teachers from our school. ...BUT I sat, and waited and didn't say a thing........

What century are we in? I know that Saudi Arabia has us by the petro-balls, but America has to use any influence we have on them to get them to become a more free and democratic society. My friend is no more the property of her husband than I'm the Son of God.