Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday Required Reading

Just had a chance to scan through the papers today and I can only find one article that is required reading, "Minute's silence to mark global death toll of hunger" in the Guardian. It is another event planned to help promote the MakePovertyHistory campaign. A few lines gave me real hope...
[International Development Secretary, Hilary Benn] added that the Bush administration was being pushed hard on Africa's plight and revealed that the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, had already opened discussions with the US on relieving Africa's crippling debt burden.

'The Americans have been talking about the importance of action on debt. This is going to be the year when we take the right decision ... it's a real time of opportunity and we absolutely have to seize it with both hands as a world,'

YIPPEE!!!! That is excellent news. One of the three aims of the MakePovertyHistory campaign is debt relief and the US is moving forward with it. As someone who has called all my Federal Representatives to push for this, I'm very pleased the Bush administration is moving forward. It was only on May 15th that I wrote there was concern that the US wasn't on board. Now, thanks to pressure from grassroots activists I'm sure, the US is moving forward. Let's keep it up!

On another positive note, the Sunday Mail in Scotland is asking it's readers to sign a petition to MakePovertyHIstory. This thing is gathering real momentum. Now is the time to keep up the pressure so this movement can reach the tipping point.