Saturday, May 28, 2005

Friday Prayer Blogging (delayed)

I'm sorry that all too often lately my Friday Prayer blogging has turned into an apology on Saturday and then the post. The weather has turned better and that is such a blessing. Mrs. Expat Teacher took me out last night for a stroll so we could enjoy the 31 degree (88 F ) evening (and because she has just finished reading "Fat land : How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World"). I can see that the summer weather is going to play havoc with my blog posting; it is just too nice outside to stay inside in front of a keyboard.

Now to the what you've all been waiting for...last Wednesday at Alpha, we did "why and how we pray" and Nicky brought up the simple ACTS pneumonic device as a model to pray. Therefore I'm going to adopt it today. Shall we pray?

A (adoration) - Jesus you are incredible. You are so amazing. Your creative ability, your love, your grace are all completely beyond understanding
C (confession) - Lord I repent for my pride. For my desire to win rather than pursue your truth. Jesus I'm sorry I've wasted so much of the precious time you've blessed me with by chasing silly mirages of happiness and by watching television, especially American Idol last night
T (thanksgiving) - Holy Spirit thank you for being with me daily. Thank you for helping me to pray when I haven't gotten the words. Father thanks for the uncountable blessings I have daily. Thank you for my life and my wonderful wife.
S (supplication) - Lord please bless the efforts of this blog. Please spread your Gospel through the works of this and other blogs. May Christian bloggers be the salt and light to the blogosphere. Jesus - the death and destruction in Iraq is horrible. Make it stop. Prince of Peace, could your start your temporal reign now?


One other thing, after seeing another of my favorite blogs jump on the "Friday Cat Blogging" bandwagon, I'd like to invite other bloggers to start Friday Prayer Blogging on their blogs. We could link to one another or trackback. Either way, we'd be adding something of real value to the blogosphere rather than stupid pictures of felines.