Monday, November 08, 2004

Gay marriage

Before we get started, I need to make sure that everyone is clear on where I stand. I believe that any reading of the Romans 1:18-32 will show that same gender sexual contact is a sin. I don’t pretend that the Bible is quiet on this subject or want to explain it away. However, I wonder why it has evangelical Christians up in arms and why this outrage has driven them into voting for Republicans.

I’m not going to make the assumption that evangelical Christians are bigoted, but good-hearted and firmly committed to the causes of Christ. This avoids some of the arguments coming from the Left. So what caused evangelical Christians to vote Republican? Could it be that they don’t believe that two homosexuals should be allowed to commit themselves to each other for life? Well, that seems to encourage more promiscuity among homosexuals. It seems difficult to believe followers of Jesus promoting that.

Maybe it is that evangelicals believe that forbidding homosexuals to get married will convince them to ‘become’ heterosexual. However, I have to question that. That is like saying that outlawing knives will keep people from committing murder. We all know that laws don’t keep people from committing crimes/sins. That is why the New Testament was needed. The Law and Prophets was not enough to keep God’s people from sinning.

The most common argument that evangelicals put forward is that it is important to outlaw gay marriage to save marriage. My biggest question is how does outlawing gay marriage help save marriages? Society and the church have about a 50% divorce rate among HETEROSEXUALS. How does not recognizing a legal situation between two homosexuals change that? Likewise, how does outlawing gay marriage address the issue of domestic abuse in HETEROSEXUAL marriages? It seems that there are plenty of issues that the church is failing to address that are ruining the institution of marriage to get so worked up about this issue, which will affect about 2-4% of the entire US population.

If the evangelical church is serious about using the Constitution to enforce the traditional idea of marriage, then we should be pushing a Constitutional ban on adultery and/or ban on remarriage (except in the case of spousal death). It is one of the Ten Commandments , Jesus addresses adultery directly and Paul also comments on it. Why do I doubt their will be a clarion call from the pulpit on this one?