Wednesday, December 31, 2008

They are killing each other's children, again.

How will the American public ever get a "fair and balanced view" of the recurring conflict in the Middle East when even organizations like MSNBC and the AP put out coverage with descriptions like this…

“Bush has been constantly monitoring the air strikes into the Gaza Strip, which Israel launched last Saturday in response to the rocket strikes directed at the Jewish state by the militant Hamas organization.”

Full article:

The massive Israeli bombing of civilian Palestinian communities is simply called “air strikes.” The perpetrators are simply called “Israel,” while their targets are described as “the militant Hamas organization.” I believe that Hamas also happens to be the democratically-elected standing government of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip no less representative of its people than the Zionist Terrorists of Israel.

How many in the American public know what the weapons used in these Hamas “rocket strikes” look like - compared to what is coming back at millions of Palestinian families huddled together in that tiny acreage called the Gaza Strip? Old, scrappy, land-based rocket launchers versus modern high-tech, fighter planes loaded with massive, sophisticated bombs. Accurate depictions of what’s going on would help!

Am I trying to justify the violence coming from Hamas? Never! But, the American government’s longstanding indifference toward applying massive political pressure to fully develop the “two state solution” - coupled with the colossal military disparity between the desperate, homeless, impoverished Palestinians with their little rocket launchers -and- the fierce, high-tech, terrorism of the Israelis is largely invisible to many mainstream news media consumers in the USA. And the above cited paragraph is a classic example of why this is so.

BOTH the Palestinians and the Israelis need and deserve an adequate homeland with safe and secure borders (monitored by the UN if necessary). BOTH governments are very wrong to be waging war against one another. After 62 years of unending warfare and violence and grief one would like to believe that these people realize that this approach is NEVER going to resolve their differences. And yet, the murdering goes on and on and on.

This real estate may have started out as the home of the Canaanites, and then been “given” to the Israelis (according to the Old Testament.) It may have been taken over by the Turks hundreds of years ago and it may have been partly reclaimed by the Zionists at the turn of the 20th century and then made “official” in 1947 - BUT - we’re in 2009 now and the ONLY way all this bloodshed is ever going to stop is by this “two state solution” which deserves many times more effort than the political leadership of the entire world has invested thus far. May the USA-led world please get serious about helping establish fair and secure borders that will let these two people groups LIVE!