Sunday, November 09, 2008

You must read this!

Newsweek has a 50,000 word article (in 7 parts) that you must read.

Ch. 1: Barack Obama: How He Did It
Ch. 2: John McCain: Back From the Dead?
Ch. 3: The Long Clinton-Obama Siege
Ch. 4: McCain Camp Retools, Targets Obama
Ch. 5: Obama Sweats the Clintons, McCain Gambles on Palin
Ch. 6: Battling it Out in the Great Debates
Ch. 7: The Final Days

Much of salacious details have already hit the blogs and traditional media, but even the more mundane aspects of the Obama, Clinton and McCain campaigns are fascinating. As you know, I'm a big fan of post-mortems of failed campaigns. I believe you can learn a lot more there than in reading about how the winning side did everything right.

BTW - I don't know exactly what the rules are up on the Hill, but....I'm back.