Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How to balance a budget without actually talking numbers

John McCain is going to balance the federal budget by 2013. At least he's claiming he will. But the fundamental problem is that he refuses to show his math.

Usually when one says they will balance a budget, they explain how they will either cut spending or increase revenue AND SHOW WHERE.

Not McCain. In fact, all we can get out of him is tax cuts - mostly for the wealthy - that will cost $700 billion in the next five years. So income is down. Surely he'll cut spending!

Not really. McCain promises to veto all earmarks. Certainly that must be a big savings. The Bush White House says earmarks this year total $17 billion, a comparatively small share of a $2.9 trillion budget and 9.4 trillion deficit.

McCain is a nice man, but the federal budget is just another example of things he just doesn't understand. Add that to the internet, Sunnis and Shias, Iran and Al-Qaeda and a few more that escape me.