Monday, December 24, 2007

What if Governor Richardson is just genuine?

The most annoying thing about being a Richardson supporter is that people say he'd be great for VP, but can't articulate it. In fact, that "conventional wisdom" has colored everything in this campaign. He won't attack Hillary because he wants to be her VP. He jumps on other candidates for being negative and it is only because he angling for someone's VP. Lately, Governor Richardson has rightly been turning up the heat on other candidates to guarantee a US departure from Iraq. Patrick Healy assumes that is because Governor Richardson blasted Hillary Clinton for flip-flopping on her position, that he is no longer in the running for her VP.

Or maybe, as Chris Bowers says, it is because Governor Richardson is genuinely angry about keeping US troops in Iraq.

If you want troops out before 2013, vote for Governor Richardson for President!