Thursday, December 20, 2007

Republicans in Senate are all-time obstructionists

Ezra Klein has this nice graphic representing how many cloture votes the Republicans in Senate have stopped. Basically, Senate Republicans are the best all-time in fillibustering.

As Klein points out,
It's staggering stuff. When minority Democrats sought to slow the Republican agenda by asserting filibuster power far more infrequently, Republicans convinced the media to tar them as "obstructionists" unwilling to permit "yes-or-no votes." Conversely, the Democrats, facing a much greater display of intransigence, have been deemed ineffectual by the media, and the situation has been represented as if they are inexplicably failing to pass their agenda, rather than watching the Republicans act to block it.

Which may be fair or not, but it means that the 2008 Republican candidate will be running against this "ineffectual" Democratic Congress. Is it wise for Democrats to nominate someone currently serving in Congress?