Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Does Obama's Message Match the Moment?

Rarely does the WaPo have a good political article on the front page, but today's print edition led with an article wondering "Does Obama's Message Match the Moment? - Reconciliation May Be Hard Sell to Angry Party":

The gist of the article is that loyal Democrats are not convinced the system is broken, but instead they are just convinced the wrong people are in power. They aren't interested with reconciliation. They are interested in regaining power.

Now, much will be written about the Obama campaign's inability to capitalize on the hype surrounding his campaign. I've got my own theories about the moribund campaign, but this article really does hit at an important question. Is Obama selling something that primary voters don't want?

After years of fighting Bush & co. I'm not all that anxious to give them a space at the table in 2009. I'm pretty sure their ideas aren't what I want, so why would I want to make peace with them. Obama is said that he wants to "gain a 60 percent majority" on issues so he can accomplish things. Spoken like a true Senator. However, a good politician can tell you that the President can make things happen with a simple majority without giving in to the demands of the opposition.

Why would I give my money and volunteer my time to help someone get elected that is then going to compromise what I want?