Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm still paying taxes without a vote in return

I still live in an oligarchy...

D.C. Vote Bill Dies in Senate

42 Republican Senators (and maybe Senator Byrd) think I'm a second-class citizen who is required to pay federal taxes, but can't have any say over the laws that effect me.

DCist has a rundown on what next. I like their idea that we keep the pressure up:
Let's force the voting rights message on to everything the District owns, controls or has even the scantest of influence over. The new baseball stadium? We'll call it Taxation Without Representation Field. The Wilson Building? Let's get a big sign out front tallying how much in federal taxes we have paid, how many residents we have lost in foreign wars and for how many days the injustice has continued. Let's partner up with local businesses to have them display signs supporting District voting rights. Whenever members of Congress come back to town, they should know that the cause is still alive. Whenever tourists come to visit, they should be forced to ask what the ruckus is about, and then ask their own members of Congress where they stand on it.

There is absolutely no way the Founding Fathers meant for a city of 550,000 to be disenfranchised. The Federal City was just a gleam in their eye in 1782. They had no way of knowing it would turn into a major urban center and that those living and serving the nation-at-large would be disenfranchised.

This is an injustice of the highest proportion and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) should be raked over the coals (politically, not literally) for why he pushed his caucus so hard to vote against giving DC residents a voice in their own government. Why not do so? Call his office toll free 1-866-346-3008 and tell him he sucks.