Saturday, September 02, 2006

I use drugs, am a pedophile, homosexual and a lover of Satanic imagery. I use a Mac!

In possibly the stupidest article EVER written, Timothy Christianson writes about the real reasons Apple wants you to switch to their machines. It isn't so they can make more money, but it is because they are pushing a drug using, pedophiliac, homosexual, satanic agenda.

I wouldn't normally even mention this article, except that it ends with "Of course, I'm not saying that a brief exposure to Apple computers products will make your child into a drug-using, Devil worshipping homosexual, despite Apple's best efforts to make that so.

I am saying that Christian parents should choose carefully, and be aware at the agendas of the companies that compete for your child's dollars, attention, and souls."
(emphasis added)

This kind of complete and total crap gives Christians such a bad name as being completely absurd and out of touch. If you lack common sense and you are a Christian, can you do the rest of a favor and not publish your thoughts. Tell your friends, warn you pastor, but please, please don't make a damn fool of yourself in public!

sidenote: The e-zine Mr. Christianson writes for is called "Angry Frozen Head" with the tag line "Technology, Culture, and Art for People Over Forty" and if you read any of the other articles you'll learn that people over 40 hate or fear all the new technology, culture or art on offer today.