Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where we are now...

Mrs. Expat Teacher and I have settled into our new apartment. I've had 4 days of work already and Mrs. Expat Teacher has begun her new career as a journalist and an author.

God totally took care of us in the housing department. After several days of pounding the streets for a place, we found something in the area we wanted, in the price range we wanted and with the space we wanted.

We have a place on Capitol Hill that is only 3 blocks from Union Station. My commute is a ten-minute walk to the station, 15 minutes on the Metro and 10 minute walk to work on the other end. Each morning I walk between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) building and Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building. A daily reminder that I'm living in the seat of our government and the location where many great men did great deeds.