Sunday, July 17, 2005

Jesus in the desert and Intelligent Design Theory

Using Google Maps, someone found this face in the Peruvian sands.

Jesus in Peruvian sands

I think it looks a lot like Jesus (ala the Shroud of Turin). I wondered how this happened and my mind drifted toward Intelligent Design Theory.

Key proponent, William Dembski uses the example of Mt. Rushmore to provide an analogy to the underlying premise of ID: "What about this rock formation convinces us that it was due to a designing intelligence and not merely to wind and erosion? Designed objects like Mt. Rushmore exhibit characteristic features or patterns that point us to an intelligence."--The Design Revolution, p. 33.

Well it definately looks like a face to me! Apparently, God has come down and drawn His face in the Peruvian desert. That is truly an incredible claim! I don't doubt that God could do that, but the best part of this "theory" is that you can't prove He didn't. A self-verifying theory. How brilliant! I wish I would have thought of that...

As I've previously pointed out, I think these types of randomly occuring natural events are the death knell for IDT.

To show how absurd IDT is, Bobby Henderson has written an open letter to Kansas School Board, asking for them to include his equally valid belief system in their curriculum as well.