Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Peace Award for Mass Murder?

Pastor Rick Warren presents President George W. Bush with the first PEACE Award!

“Exactly how did Shock-and-Awe “uphold the notion of the sacredness of human life?” While Pastor Rick Warren’s goals are laudable, he sends a horribly mixed message by giving GWBush a humanitarian medal. This man has pointedly taken personal responsibility for the killing of ten of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians. So, what does Warren have to say for them? With this presentation he appears to indirectly sanction killing, while praising the saving of lives. Doesn’t one cancel out the other? I just have a hard time taking this medal seriously when it is awarded to a mass-murderer. And I am an Evangelical! Imagine the reaction this is going to get from the non-evangelical world! Just how deeply does Rick Warren not "get it?"