Thursday, April 06, 2006


Someone once told me I needed to see a movie called Deliverance. "Great movie," he said. So, I rented it. I'm glad I didn't go into this thing blind. I'd heard the basic plot and knew about the "squeal for me pig" man-rape in the middle of the film. But what I experienced while watching this movie has kept me thinking and wondering ever since.

Through the adventure of four middle class white guys in their 30's we explore the struggle between man and nature, man's evil, classism, the effects of poverty/not "progressing," and many other themes.

I was expecting a thriller from start to end in which the characters fought to stay alive while a bunch of in-bread hillbillies tried to kill them. What I got instead was a well crafted story whose characters had depth. In some ways it reminded me of Stand By Me. In others, it was a bit like Lord of the Flies. Not so much in the story, but more in the disturbing look into huaman nature and society. Like my friend, I recommend that you watch this movie.

(Try to get it on DVD. The copy I rented was an older VHS and the quality wasn't quite there.)