Monday, January 10, 2005

Reject Torture and those who approve of it

Usual Monday busyness, if even more now that I'm back at school after 3 weeks off, so I don't have much to say except that those of you that have been following the Alberto Gonzalez nomination will know that he has not been very forthcoming with his explanation of how his name was signed to memo that called the Geneva convention quaint and said that the President, in times of war, doesn't have to obey any laws. If you, like me, feel that we cannot let this man become our Attorney General, the supreme crime figher in the US, then please click here to write an e-mail (form letter if you want) to your senators to tell them to reject this man as Attorney General.

Seen The Passion? Alberto Gonzalez doesn't believe that scourging a man is torture. What would Jesus think of that?