Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christian Schools...

This article upsets me. It says that Southern Baptists are increasingly shunning public education for private Christian schools and homeschooling. I believe there are some good reasons for private Christian schools and homeschooling, but I totally disagree with Ed Gamble, executive editor of the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools. He believes that
"A school education that's secular would teach us that God is an option and that we're all the product of random chance and millions of years of mutation and evolution," he says. "Those things are out of step with what God's Word teaches, and they're inappropriate for the education of children who would grow up to think and act biblically."

This attitude that the state should teach Biblical principles is completely nonsensical. America (whether founded that way or not) is a secular political state. How upset would we all be if schools taught kids Jewish or Islamic law? We'd be outraged. Science is objective and can be tested and agreed upon by people of all faiths. To run a society we must have some sort of agreement. His issue appears to be the teaching of evolution, but if parents are doing their job in a Christian home then discussion of the problems with evolution and God's love for us will overcome (what is probably) half a dozen lessons in Biology class in the 9th grade.

All I know is that I'm glad Jesus didn't look down at Earth from heaven and say, "Those things are out of step with what God's Word teaches so I'm not going there." Or Paul going to the Gentiles or even my YoungLife leader going to my high school. Come on people, engage the world, don't run from it! We have God on our side.